strawberry shortcake ice cream

This dessert is an strawberry shortcake ice cream , and couldn’t be easier to make  Fresh juicy strawberries store-bought sponge tart shells and rich ice cream are all you need to Create a delicious dessert.

Preparation time 10 minutes
Cooking time None
serves 4
  • 3×6-inch sponge tart shells
  • or shortbreads
  • 6 cups strawberries
  • 5 cups vanilla or strawberry ice
  • Cream
  • confectioners’ sugar, for dusting

strawberry shortcake ice cream

1. If using sponge tart shells, trim the raised edges with a serrated knife.
2.Hull and halve the strawberries. A Spoon one-third of the ice cream onto a tart shell or shortbread layer, placing it in scoops, with one- third of the strawberries in between.
3. Spoon more strawberries and ice cream onto a second tart or shortbread layer and place it on top of the first, then add the final layer, piling the strawberries up high.

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