stilton burgers recipe

Rather more elegant than the traditional hamburger, this tasty recipe contains a delicious surprise the lightly melted Stilton cheese encased in each crunchy Stilton burger recipe is absolutely delicious.

Stilton Burgers

preparation time 5 minutes
cooking time 10 minutes
serves 4
  •  beef 1 pound ground
  •  finely chopped 1 onion
  •  rib, chopped 1 celery
  •  prepared mustard 1 Tsp
  •  crumbled blue ½ Cup
  • Stilton cheese
  • 4bamburger buns
salt and ground black pepper

stilton burgers recipe


1. place the ground beef in a bowl together with the onion and celery season well.
2. stir in the herbs and mustard bringing the mixture together to form a firm mixture.
3. divide the mixture into eight equal portions place four on a cutting board and flatten each one slightly to make patties
4. place some crumbled cheese in the center of each patty.
5. Flatten the remaining mixture and place on top mold the mixture together encasing the crumbled cheese and shape into four neat hamburgers preheat the broiler.
6. Broil under medium heat for 10 minutes turning once or until cooked through split the buns and place a hamburger inside each serves with salad and relish or ketchup if liked although neither is essential with the Stilton for flavoring.

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