Breaded sole batons

Breaded sole batons

Crisp crumbed strips of fish an elegant speedy preparation. serves 4 10 ounces lemon sole fillets, skinned 2 eggs 2cups fine fresh breadcrumbs ¼cup all-purpose flour salt and ground black pepper oil for frying lemon wedges and tartar sauce to serve 1. cut the fish fillets into long diagonal strips, each measuring about a ¾ …

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Baked or Grilled spiced whole fish

Baked or Grilled spiced fish

Baked or Grilled spiced fish Ingredients serves 4 1kg/21/4lb bream, Carp or pomfret, cleaned and scaled if necessary 1 fresh red chili, seeded and grounds or 5ml/1tsp chopped chili from a jar 4garlic cloves, crushed 2.5cm/1 in fresh root ginger, peeled and sliced juice of1/2 lemon 30ml/2tbsp sunflower oil salt 1. Rinse the fish and …

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Indonesian spicy fish

Indonesian spicy fish

Indonesian spicy Fish is given a hot, piquant twist in this flavourful dish. ingredients serves 6-8 1kg/21/4lb fresh mackerel fillets, skinned 30ml/2tbsp tamarind pulp , soaked in 200ml/7fl oz /scant 1 cup water 1 onion 1 Cm /1/2 in fresh galangal, peeled 2 garlic cloves 1-2fresh red chillies,seeded,or 5ml/ 1tsp chilli powder 5ml/1tsp ground coriander …

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chicken tikka recipe

chicken tikka recipe

chicken tikka mixture of ginger, garlic and chili powder adds a characteristic spicy taste to this popular Pakistani starter which is quick and easy to cook. serves 6 450g/1lb/31/4 cups chicken, skinned, boned and cubed 5ml/1tsp ginger pulp 5ml/1tsp garlic pulp 5ml/1 tsp chili powder 1.5ml/1/4tsp turmeric 5ml/1tsp salt 150ml/1/4tsp pint/2/3cup natural yogurt 60ml/4tbsp lemon juice …

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lamb and mint in a new style

lamb and mint in a new style

serving vinaigrette sauces with meat came in with nouvelle cuisine and stayed this recipe offers a classic combination lamb and mint in a new style. preparation time 4 minutes cooking time 6-7minutes serves 4 8loin lamb chops or 4 double loin chops about 1/4 inch thick coarsely ground black pepper fresh mint, to garnish sautéed …

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How to make sushi

How to make sushi

Rolled Sushi by hand or use a Sushi Maker. Step by step direction from cooking rice to cutting the sushi.  Ingredients Make 8-10 Tuna 3 Sheets nori  (paper-thin seaweed)150g/5oz fresh tuna fillet, cut into fingers 5ml/1tsp wasabi  (Japanese horseradish )6 young carrots, blanched 450g/1lb/6Cups cooked Japanese rice salmon 2 Eggs 2.5ml/1/2 tsp salt 10ml/2 tsp …

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spiced Date and walnut cake

Date and walnut cake recipe

Mixed spice adds a warm flavour to this low-fat high-fibre cake simply serve it on its own or spread it with butter and honey for an extra special snack. spiced Date and walnut cake Ingredients: Makes 1 Cake wholemeal 2½ Cups self-raising flour 2 tsp mixed spice 1 cup chopped dates ½ Cup chopped walnuts 4 …

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Quick pita pizzas

Quick pita pizzas

Pita bread makes very good crusts for quick thin and crispy pita pizzas and they are easy to eat with your hands to the perfect speedy snack. preparation time 5 minutes cooking time 8-10 minutes serves 4 4 pita bread 7-fluid-ounce jar pasta sauce 8 ounces mozzarella cheese sliced or grated dried oregano or thyme …

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Stilton Burgers

stilton burgers recipe

Rather more elegant than the traditional hamburger, this tasty recipe contains a delicious surprise the lightly melted Stilton cheese encased in each crunchy Stilton burger recipe is absolutely delicious. preparation time 5 minutes cooking time 10 minutes serves 4  beef 1 pound ground  finely chopped 1 onion  rib, chopped 1 celery  prepared mustard 1 Tsp  crumbled blue ½ Cup …

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