Orange yogurt brulee

Orange yogurt brulee-food lovers

Orange yogurt brulee A luxurious treat,Orange yogurt brulee but one that is much lower in fat than the classic creme brulee, which is made with Cream, eggs and large amounts of Sugar Preparation time 6-8 minutes Cooking time 3-4 minutes SERVES 4 2 oranges 2/3 cup strained plain yogurt 4 tablespoons crème fraiche 3 tablespoons …

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Quick Apricot Blender whip-food lovers

Quick Apricot Blender whip

This is one of the desserts Quick Apricot Blender whip you could make—and also one of he prettiest. Preparation time 4 minutes Cooking time 2 minutes SERVES 4 14-ounce can apricot halves in juice 1 tablespoon Grand Mariner or brandy ¾ cup strained plain yogurt 2 tablespoons sliced almonds Quick Apricot Blender whip Method: 1.Drain the …

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